In 2011, Scentsy made the leap across the pond — introducing our high-quality fragrances to a European audience for the first time. Ten years later, Scentsy Europe has grown more than we could ever imagine!
To celebrate, we’re bringing back some of Europe’s most popular Scentsy fragrances in an exclusive 10-bar bundle! 
Coming On 15 April, the 10-Year Anniversary Wax Bundle will be available  while supplies last or until 8 a.m. BST 21 April, whichever comes first.
Select from the following fragrances to build your own 10-bar bundle:
#Bestlife (#NoLimits Collection)
#BestLife keeps it sweet with apricot nectar, fresh blackberries, sugar crystals and mashed strawberry.
Cherished (Seasonal Scensation)
Love, sweet love! Luscious, enticing goji berry, passion flower, pink jasmine and guava sparkle like the moment you realised he’s the one.
#Dreambig (#NoLimits)
#DreamBig offers a burst of black currant, mimosa blossom, fresh pineapple and vanilla orchid
Habana Vieja (La Habana Collection)
Step inside history and take a stroll through bustling streets redolent with tobacco flower, amber and vanilla
Ice Hotel (SOTM — January 2015)
Surround yourself with crystalline ice and pure white snow as you breathe in a cool, magical fragrance of blue mint, arctic pine, and winter citrus.
Indigo Petals (Indigo Collection)
A crown of flowers: Fresh, vibrant, playful.
Piña Colada Cha-Cha (Let’s Boogie Collection)
Island coconut and zesty pineapple lead; white rum and vanilla bean follow.
Playa de Varadero (La Habana)
ind a new perspective where the sand meets the sea, on a sweet tide of sugarcane, bergamot zest and fresh Havana lily
Rise & Sunshine (SOTM — July 2020)
Sunny orange sparkles over the eye-opening sweetness of cherry and red berries
Strawberry Champagne Truffle (SOTM — December 2019)
Fresh strawberries, creamy vanilla and a splash of champagne will make any celebration.
Every bar in this exclusive 10-Year Anniversary Wax Bundle comes with a commemorative label inspired by the countries of Scentsy Europe.

20% off - Only £58 for 10 Scentsy Bars

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