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Who are the faces behind Safely Scented?

We are a family of 5. Myself, Victor and our 3 children, Rhianna (19), Isabella (8) and Omari (18 months).

We have had our Scentsy Business since July 2017 – I started this work home home business on a bit of a whim. I actually hadn’t ever tried the products before but I knew how much (back then) that I loved candles. As soon as my starter kit arrived I was hooked!

My reason for considering the Scentsy Opportunity was that prior to this I had been diagnosed with a rare brain condition, Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension, after several brain surgeries working a ”normal job” just wasn’t an option. Scentsy allows me to work when I can (from bed sometimes) and I work as many or as few hours as I please. Tho, it never feels like work.

What is Scentsy?

Scentsy are an international home fragrance company – we offer a safer alternative to wicked candles and flamed burners.

Our core products are electric warmers, using an element plate or bulb to gently warm your wax, using temperatures that will not cause burns to fingers and paws. Our waxes are made using a toxin free, food grade paraffin wax – a similar wax that is often used to polish fruit and on the outside of some cheeses. This means our wickless warming systems are super safe around children and pets.

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