A Few Words About

Our Family Business

Safely Scented began in July 2017 with just little me, Lisa.

Let me share a little of my history with you, and share how this business began.

In 2013, I was living in Harrow, North West London. I had moved away from my family to start our new family with my partner Victor and our children Rhianna, then 15, and Isabella a newborn. All was going well and I had a great job at the local hospital. But, I started to become unwell – I had the worse headaches, noises in my ears, dizziness, sickness, and I would lose vision for moments at a time. To cut a long story short, after a visit to the opticians, I was diagnosed with a rare brain condition called Intracranial Hypertension. The following 12 months seen me undergo lots of different medications, hospital appointments, and admissions, and also several brain surgeries. For this reason, I had to give up work.

By 2017, we had moved to our new build home in Milton Keynes and being a sufferer of social anxiety I could sense this was becoming worse each day due to me shutting myself off in my little family bubble. It was then that Scentsy caught my eye – I decided rather than just buying a Scentsy warmer and some wax bars, I may as well Join as the kit was only £85.

This was by far, the best impulsive decision I have ever made. As soon as clicked that join button and received all the information I was hooked! When my kit arrived even more so.

Fast forward to 2021, we are now living back in North West England right by my family, so I have the best support network, we have the addition of our beautiful baby boy Omari and we have made this impulsive decision into a family business with team members all over the world.


Scentsy is the therapy everyone needs to battle and manage their mental health and to give focus to those who need something positive in their lives. I cannot begin to put into words what this business has done for not only me, not only my family but also our global team and customers.

Scentsy really does more than bring fragrance into lives, it brings dreams, hopes, and confidence to those who need it the most.

Lisa Garrity

Me! The brains of the business haha and the one you see and hear the most. I LOVE our business, I love our team and I love our customers. Please add me on Facebook as I would love to say Hello.

Victor Chukwuma

Victor is the delivery driver and the muscle of the business. Our local customers see Victor a lot haha!! He loves going and about to say Hello to our customers when delivering orders and they love to see him too.

Rhianna Garrity

Scentsy has allowed us to employ our daughter Rhianna to take care of day to day activities within our business. Rhianna packages up orders sends out samples and take care of our social media. Feel free to send Rhianna an email at samples@safelyscented.com .

Isabella Chukwuma

Isabella loves to help her sister Rhianna and me with making samples and also going LIVE and sharing products with customers. Isabella is learning that with hard work you can achieve great things.

Omari Chukwuma

The mess maker, the one who screams on my LIVE videos, and the one who causes the most mayhem. Omari LOVES his Scentsy Buddies and takes them to bed every night. Omari is as much a part of this business as all of us, and our customers LOVE to see him grow.

Janet Garrity

Scentsy has allowed us to employ my mum once she had retired, giving her an additional income, and allowing us more family time, and time to work our business as my mum takes care of the housework.

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Global Opportunity

No matter where in the world you are, we can help you achieve your goals and more. If you need lifelong friendships, an additional income and to grow in confidence then ask us for our FREE ebook and how to JOIN Scentsy as an Independent Scentsy Consultant.

Best Fragrance Products

Some may do it cheaper, but no one does it better. With Scentsy you get quality, long-lasting products the whole family will enjoy. From kid's products to something for the ladies and the men, we really do cater for all.

Various Payment methods

You can order via our Independent Website and pay by card. Or you can contact us to add to our weekly bulk order and pay via bank transfer or PayPal.