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Are you ready to join the Scentsy squad and fragrance-up the world with a dash of fun, generosity, and friendship? We’re so excited that you are thinking of joining Scentsy and purchasing your Scentsy starter kit! And don’t worry, we’ve got your back all of the way.


Once you have joined, for the first 70 days, you’ll receive emails filled with helpful training and encouragement directly from head office. Plus, we’ll give you a simple checklist to get your Scentsy biz up and running in no time. Not only that buy you and I will have one-to-one mentorship so you have all the time to ask all the questions. That is what I am here for.



Your first mission? Host a launch event and work towards earning the Shooting Star and Scentsational Start awards These will give your biz a boost and come with some amazing perks like free credits and free products – we all love a freebie.


You may have just joined for the kit, or maybe to sell to a few friends – but let me tell you, the most fun to have in Scentsy is sharing the products and the amazing friendships along the way.



Remember, we’re always here for you. Let’s do this!

Scentsy Shooting Star Award

Scentsy Awards

Scentsy Scentsational Start Award

Scentsy Awards

The best way to sell Scentsy is with a friend!

Starting your Scentsy journey with a friend is a recipe for fun and success!



Not only will you have someone to share the excitement with, but you’ll also have a supportive buddy to lean on during the ups and downs. You can work together to come up with creative ideas, host joint events, and motivate each other to reach new goals.


And when you finally achieve those awards and milestones, you’ll get to celebrate together. It’s the perfect opportunity to strengthen your friendship and create lasting memories while growing your business.


So grab your BFF and get ready for a fun-filled and fragrance-filled adventure with Scentsy!.


The best thing is both of you will get to earn additional income. So once you are officially a Scentsy consultant, seek out that bestie and sign them up for success – and do not worry I am here to mentor you both all along the way.

Offer Of The Day

Scentsy brings an amazing opportunity for you to purchase a Scentsy Starter Kit and start your own Scentsy Business. You can use this kit to help you earn an additional income, whilst having fun sharing amazing products with friends & family. 

Supersize Scentsy Starter Kit When You Join Scentsy In February

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