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Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is an enduring classic, and our Alice in Wonderland Collection presents an amazing collection launched at 7pm UK and 8pm Europe on Monday 15th August.

Our new Alice in Wonderland – Scentsy Warmer is inspired by the famous Mad Tea Party with its three stacked “teacups,” each representing an iconic character — including the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit. As an added touch, Alice can be seen falling down the rabbit hole on the warmer dish. Plus, every warmer comes with a free Scentsy Bar in our We’re All Mad Here fragrance — featuring tart plum, strawberry, pink sugar and fizz — which is coming out of the vault just for the occasion!

To add to the excitement, we’re also bringing our Cheshire Cat – Scentsy Buddy and We’re All Mad Here – Scent Pak out of the vault, so there’s an amazing selection of products to choose from.

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