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Batman is a cultural icon and has been captivating audiences for over eight decades. From comic books to blockbuster movies, the Dark Knight has become a symbol of justice and strength. As the launch of new Batman products approaches, it’s the perfect time to revisit some fun facts about the character. Did you know that the inspiration for Batman’s costume came from a Leonardo da Vinci sketch? Or that Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne, was originally named after Scottish patriot Robert the Bruce and American Revolutionary War hero Mad Anthony Wayne? These are just a couple of the many fascinating tidbits that make Batman such an enduring and beloved character.


New and returning DC products will be available starting 13 March, while supplies last

What: Batman™ − Scentsy Buddy and Mini Warmer, and DC Justice League™ fragrance


When: Starting at 7 p.m. GMT Monday, 13 March (time zone converter). Queuing system will be in place.



Cost: See purchasing options below.

A brave new Scentsy Buddy is here to save the day!

The Batman™ – Scentsy Buddy (the first Buddy in the DC Collection) is leading the battle of good vs. evil, and we’re bringing back select products to offer alongside him, including the exclusive DC Justice League™ fragrance:

Bergamot and sandalwood unite with vanilla and watery greens for a heroic outcome that’s bold and brave.


Here are the purchasing options:

  • New! Batman™ − Scentsy Buddy + DC Justice League™ – Scent Pak, £55/€66 
  • Batman™ – Scentsy Mini Warmer with wall plug, £42/€51 
  • Batman™ – Scentsy Mini Warmer with tabletop base, £55/€66 
  • New! DC Justice League™ – Scent Pak, £9.25/€11 
  • DC Justice League™ – Scentsy Bar, £8/€9.50 
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