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🌺🌟 Last Call for Limited Edition Disney Lilo & Stitch Products! 🌟🌺
🌴🌺 Aloha, Scentsy fans! Today is your last chance to get your hands on our exclusive Disney Lilo & Stitch collection before they disappear into the sunset! Don’t miss out on these tropical treasures that will transport you to paradise. 🌺🌴
🌟 Disney Lilo & Stitch: Aloha-Ohana – Scentsy Warmer (£85) 🌟
Feel the island vibes with Lilo and her mischievous friend Stitch! This stunning warmer features two different scenes, allowing you to choose your favorite or mix it up. Pair it with our Lilo & Stitch fragrances for the ultimate sensory experience!
🌺 Stitch: Experiment 626 — Hibiscus Fragrance Flower (£24) 🌺
Watch as the petals of this beautiful Hibiscus Fragrance Flower gradually turn blue, releasing the delightful scent of Disney Stitch: Experiment 626. It’s like a little piece of paradise in your home!
🌟 Stitch: Experiment 626 – Scentsy Bar (£8) 🌟
Indulge in the sweet and tangy blend of Valencia orange, pineapple nectar, sugarcane, and sea salt mist. This Scentsy Bar is the perfect catalyst for a relaxing and tropical atmosphere.
🌺 Angel: Experiment 624 – Scentsy Bar (£8) 🌺
Let the enchanting blend of goji berry, blackberry, sweet vanilla cream, and sugarcane draw you in like a siren song. This Scentsy Bar is a unique creation, just like Angel herself.
🌟 Disney Stitch – Scentsy Buddy Clip (£24) 🌟
Take Stitch with you wherever you go! This adorable buddy clip is perfect for decorating backpacks and more. Scented with our Disney Stitch: Experiment 626 fragrance, it’s a must-have for any Stitch fan.
🌺 Disney Angel – Scentsy Buddy Clip (£24) 🌺
Join Stitch’s beloved Angel on your adventures! This cute buddy clip is ready to make herself at home with your ohana. Scented with our Disney Angel: Experiment 624 fragrance, she’s the perfect companion.
🌟 Disney Stitch – Scentsy Buddy (£48) 🌟
Looking for a forever friend? Stitch is here to keep you company and scare off any undesirables! Each Stitch – Scentsy Buddy comes with a Scent Pak in our Stitch: Experiment 626 fragrance.
🌺 Disney Angel – Scentsy Buddy (£48) 🌺
Complete your collection with Angel, the perfect companion to Stitch! Each Angel – Scentsy Buddy comes with a Scent Pak in our Angel: Experiment 624 fragrance.
🌟 Disney Stitch – Scentsy Bitty Buddy (£17) 🌟
For all ages, these sweet and squishy plush collectibles are infused with signature Scentsy fragrance. Scented in Disney Stitch: Experiment 626, they’re a must-have for any Stitch enthusiast!
🌺 Disney Angel – Scentsy Bitty Buddy (£17) 🌺
Fall in love with Disney Angel’s charm! These plush collectibles are scented with our Disney Angel: Experiment 624 fragrance, making them irresistible for all ages.
🛍️ Shop now and grab these limited-time treasures before they vanish into the sunset! Click the link below to explore the Disney Lilo & Stitch collection and secure your favorites. Don’t miss out on this tropical treat! 🌺🌴


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