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Disney Hocus Pocus Scentsy warmer

Today, 12th September at
7pm UK / 8pm Europe
We launch our Scentsy & Disney Hocus Pocus Collection

Gather ’round the cauldron with Mary, Winifred and Sarah Sanderson as we launch our Scentsy UK Hocus Pocus Collection. The unique Disney Hocus Pocus – Scentsy Warmer features LED lights that shine through a metal cutout behind the warmer to create an intricate shadow that, when placed close to a wall or solid surface, gives the impression of the Sanderson sisters peering into the cauldron and brewing a spell over a glowing flame.

Then cast your spell with the new Sanderson Sisters: Perfectly Wicked fragrance. It’s the perfect potion to pair with this magical warmer:

Take enchanted blackberry and black plum, add forbidden cherry and a splash of spiced vanilla, then stir thrice to leave them spellbound.

Disney & Scentsy Hocus Pocus Warmer
Disney & Scentsy Hocus Pocus Warmer
  • Disney Hocus Pocus – Scentsy Warmer, £103/€124

  • Sanderson Sisters: Perfectly Wicked, £8/€9.50 

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