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Attention all Harry Potter fans and Scentsy lovers! Get ready to welcome a new addition to the Scentsy Buddy family – the Dobby™ – Scentsy Buddy! This beloved House Elf is ready to bring some magic (and fragrance) into your life with the release of the new Scentsy Buddy on March 1st.

This adorable and loveable Scentsy Buddy comes with his signature pillowcase and floppy ears, along with his trademark Gryffindor-themed undergarments and the sock that set him free. Dobby™ – Scentsy Buddy is the perfect addition to any Harry Potter collection or Scentsy collection.

In addition to his charming appearance, Dobby™ – Scentsy Buddy comes with a special Wizarding World: Harry Potter™ – Scent Pak that will transport you straight into the magical world of Hogwarts. The fragrance is a combination of sparkling citrus and green apple that illuminates the mahogany woods, while the warm and charming scents of vanilla and amber make this fragrance a truly delightful and enchanting experience.

The Dobby™ – Scentsy Buddy + Wizarding World: Harry Potter™ – Scent Pak is priced at £61/€73 and is the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan or Scentsy enthusiast. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this beloved House Elf to your collection and bring some magic and fragrance into your home. Get ready for the release on March 1st and be prepared to fall in love with Dobby™ – Scentsy Buddy!

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