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We know how fun it is to collect Scentsy Wax Bars for every occasion, but to make sure your seasonal scents stay fresh, proper storage is crucial. If you keep Scentsy Bars in the wrong location, their fragrance can be dulled, or worse, they could melt prematurely. Here’s our definitive guide on how and where to store Scentsy Wax.

Keep Scentsy Bars cool, dark and dry

The key to preserve Scentsy Bars is to make sure they don’t melt before they go in your warmer. Keep them out of direct sunlight, as well as cupboards and cabinets adjacent to ovens, dishwashers, dryers and other sources of heat. Excess moisture can also reduce the longevity of your bars. Keep Scentsy Bars in their original packaging, and don’t store them in damp spaces, such as a refrigerator. The best spots to keep your bars are places like bedroom drawers, roomy pantries and linen closets. Not only are these spaces usually cool, dark and dry, they have the added benefit of giving these high-traffic spaces an alluring aroma over time!

Do not freeze Scentsy Bars

While the freezer is great at preserving food, the same isn’t true for Scentsy Bars. The extreme temperature variation can cause the fragrance oils in the wax to separate, affecting the overall quality of the bar. We have done extensive testing on this storage method, and believe us, you are far better off storing your Scentsy bars at room temperature.

Keep Scentsy Bars laid flat

Even gravity can take its toll on your Scentsy Bars, given enough time. Lay your bars flat whenever possible. Of course, if you are a Consultant, it’s OK to temporarily hang up Scentsy Bars for fair displays and other shows — just be sure to store any remaining bars flat afterward!

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Rotate your Scentsy Bar collection

Scentsy Bars, like all good things in life, won’t last forever. To truly get the most out of your collection, we recommend a “first in, first out” system: Enjoy older bars first! Afraid of using up your supply of an old favorite?

Scentsy Club subscribers enjoy the Always Get My Bar perk, ensuring they continue to get a fresh supply of their most treasured scents. Want to sample new scents to add to your collection? Our Whiff Box ships with great seasonal fragrances every month!

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