The most common reason people give as to why they cannot start their own Scentsy Business is; “I can’t afford the starter kit”. But if we strip back that excuse you will find that it usually means one or all of the following:

I don’t believe I will make any money.

I don’t think I will sell anything.

I am scared of failing.

The truth is, when we start any form of job/employment/business, there is always a ”cost”. This may be the cost of a uniform or clothes for work, the cost of premises and stock if starting your own business. The cost of the travel to and from work.

With Scentsy, our corporate take on all of the overheads for you. There is NO STOCK, NO PREMISES, NO UNIFORM, NO TRAVEL COSTS – None!

Yes, there is a cost for a starter kit, this is because when you start a business, you have to be committed, you will want to have products to help you share products with potential customers. To help you, Scentsy discount that starter kit, so ANYONE can have the chance to be successful.



Join Scentsy

What Scentsy Starter Kit options you have?

The fastest way to join Scentsy is to buy our Business Builders Kit, in the UK this will cost you £85 plus £6 shipping – but as you can see the kit is worth OVER £220.

On occasions, we do have a slightly smaller kit option which in the UK costs JUST £50.

My advice is always believe in yourself, believe you can do this, and choose the bigger kit, simply because it contains MORE value. You can see from the image above for that extra £35 you get more than £100 worth of extras.

Only YOU can decide.

Can I earn a Scentsy Kit?

You certainly can!

Earning a kit means hosting a form of ”party” which in present times is online. We can host a facebook and/or Zoom Party and can also send you a FREE party pack in the post. We work together topromote the products to family and friends. Simply sell £245 or more in Scentsy Products and your kit will cost you anything from £24.50 to £0.

The kit you receive is the £50 host kit.

So you see, their is a way to start your own Scentsy business for EVERYONE!

How much do YOU want this?

Will I get any support when I start selling Scentsy?

Support and mentoring come part and parcel when you join Scentsy. Not only that but you will be showered in rewards when you achieve milestones in your business.

The first award we support you to achieve in your business is called the Shooting Star award and when you achieve this, you will have earned back MORE than you invested when you purchased your starter kit – you’re already winning.

What have you got to lose?