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Our NEW Scentsy UK Air Purifier

How many minutes, hours, days have we spent indoors during the last 12 months?

Now more than ever, we want to make sure the air we are breathing in our safe space is of the highest quality for our families young and old. So, we bring to you the Scentsy Air Purifier – a way to not just clean the air you breathe but of course, bring the magical Scentsy Fragrance.

Our Scentsy Air Purifier quietly cleans the air around you while also dispersing signature Scentsy fragrance, so your environment is left clean and beautifully scented.

With our purifier, air is drawn through a HEPA H13 filter capable of removing at least 99.95% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns (µm), including dust, pollen, mould and bacteria. Clean air is then released through Scentsy Pods for the added benefit of instant fragrance.

The Scentsy Air Purifier can identify when air particles are detected and when the air is clean. And it’s perfect for areas up to 200 square feet (19 square metres), like nurseries, bedrooms, home offices and more. You can use up to two Scentsy Pods at a time and choose from a wide variety of Pod fragrances already available.

Each Scentsy Air Purifier comes with one HEPA filter. Replacement HEPA filers are available for £42/€51 — and they are eligible for Scentsy Club subscriptions along with Scentsy Pods!

With a Scentsy Club subscription, you can get 10% off replacement HEPA filters and Scentsy Pods (on orders over £36) or my favourite perk of Scentsy Club, is when you spend over £73 you can choose a half price item – and why not choose your HEPA filters to make them even more economical.

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Next question is which Scentsy Pods to choose?

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We do of course have all of our favourite Scentsy Pods, and added to this list for the NEW Catalogue come Autumn / Winter 2021 are some NEW fragrances to the Scentsy Pod line up:

– Arctic Kiss
– Cloudberry Dreams
– Jeweled Pomegranate

You can buy a duo packet of Pods for just £12. Or buy 3 duo packets and save £1. The best buy by far, is of course the amazing combine and save, simply choose 5 duo packets of Scentsy Pods and then choose a 6th duo packet of pods for FREE.

Pre Order Offer

Pre Order your Scentsy UK Air Purifier before 31st August and we will process your order in a “Party”, this will qualify you for host credits to use on other NEW season products.

Order your Scentsy Air Purifier for £303 and get 10% back in host credit and 1 half price credit.

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