Improve your mental health with Scentsy

Joining Scentsy is more than earning an additional Income...

When you join Scentsy you can work towards earning an additional income, which is fantastic for so many different reasons. You can start to enjoy life minus the financial burden.

You can choose the family holiday you want, not the holiday you can afford – we all know it’s not about where we go, but the memories we make. But when you can choose somewhere the whole family will enjoy, with activities everyone will take part it, those memories are all the more precious. Scentsy can help you to make this happen.

But, this isn’t about the money – today I want to share with you the one thing new Independent Scentsy Consultants don’t realise will happen – until after they have joined Scentsy – and that is the journey of self-discovery.

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The journey of self discovery

Suffering with anxiety from a child...

Let me tell you a little bit about the pre Scentsy me. I have painful memories from when I was a child, I was only 5 or 6. I remember I was being dropped to nursery and I would hang onto my mums’ leg in tears as the teacher dragged me into nursery telling my mum, ‘’don’t worry she will be fine’’. I would hear the teachers talking about how shy and awkward I was, how I didn’t want to join in anything. They were right – I didn’t. And at that age, I couldn’t understand why I was being made too.


This must have been around 1987 (since I am 38 now) – and wow that seems like I am so old ha-ha… but my point is back then I don’t think mental health, especially that in children was something anyone considered. The fact was, I had severe social anxiety and no one (not even me) knew about it.

School Anxiety

I hated school, I never fit in...

As the years passed and travelled through Infant, Junior and High School things didn’t get any better. I just learned how to hide how I was feeling. That was hard – every day I felt out of place, and alone. I felt everyone was looking and talking about me, and that no one enjoyed my company.

In 1998 at the age of 16 I left school. I could not stand it for one second longer. But I had goals, I wanted to be successful and to earn money. The thought of going to college and seeing all the people I just left behind at school was too terrifying, so I decided to attend a private training school. I thought a new environment with people who didn’t know me would be different.

Anxiety Girl

Anxiety doesn't just go away...

Guess what, it was no different. Why? Because it was me, I was the problem, so it didn’t matter where I was, or who I was with, I felt the same. The silver lining was my training was an apprentiship, and I was employed pretty much straight away by our local council. A plus side to my anxiety is I put my all into everything I do, my all and a little bit more. When I am busy, when I am working – I am in my bubble of business and have less time to worry. I learnt this pretty fast – so my plan was to keep busy.


At 18 I became a young, single mummy. I was so happy (after the shock). I was no longer alone; I had my very own best friend. She loved me, and I loved her. I left my job and took some time at home to raise my first daughter Rhianna. I was a single mum, but I wasn’t alone, my family were super supportive, and Rhianna loved them as much as they loved her.

When I did decided to go back to work, it happened again. I had gotten used to my bubble at home, just me and Rhianna. Now, I was back to having to speak to people, people I was convinced didn’t like me. The worse thing was I still didn’t realise I had social anxiety – I thought I was just weird.

I know many of my friends didn’t see my anxiety as when we would go on nights out, I would fill myself with alcohol to drink away the anxiety. This followed with even more anxiety the next day when I would wonder what people thought of the ‘’relaxed drunken’’ me. This would be followed by me then staying home for weeks on end, and then the circle would repeat.


The man who decided I was good enough to love....

Then in 2008 I met the saviour of my whole life, Victor.

He loved me, he loved Rhianna – life was great. He didn’t drink, he treated us well and I was happy. He seen my insecurities and loved me anyway. We started a family; Isabella came in 2011 and Omari came much later in 2018.

Victor lived down South, and so when Isabella was born, we joined him. This shortly followed a short stay with his parents in North West London whilst we saved for our family home in Milton Keynes. Whilst staying with his parents, I got myself a job in the local hospital – same issues but the job kept me busy and I wanted to make Victor proud, so I poured myself into my job. I STILL didn’t know I had social anxiety.

CSF production in IIH

Let's add in a rare neurological condition...

In 2013 over the course of a few weeks I had been struggling with the worst headaches I had ever had, blurred vision, momentary vision loss, dizziness, sickness and my memory was shocking.

I started to bump in to people and objects that where right In-front of me, and when I would get up out of bed and switch on the light I couldn’t see for 30-60 seconds – which seems a very long time when it happens.

In the previous 2 years I had been to the GP a few times, with ringing in my ears, headaches etc but they had never taken me very serious to be honest – so I figured I was worrying over nothing and put it to the back of my mind. Anxiety does that to you, when people keep telling you, nothing is wrong you start to think it’s just you. At this point I STILL didn’t realise I had anxiety.

When in the local hospital, I remember days when I would be sat holding on to my head in pain because it felt like it would explode, I would have to get off the bus because the road bumps hurt my head so much, and I would roll in from work straight into my bed.

I considered so many times going to A&E which was 30 seconds from my office, but I kept saying to myself, how can I turn up to A&E with a headache – again my anxiety tells me, I am overthinking and it can’t be that bad.

This was my other problem; I am stronger than I give myself credit for. People say, “she can’t be in that much pain, she is working, talking, walking” and I totally get what they mean. But it’s was my anxiety that pushed me forward no matter the pain, because I refused to believe it’s that bad, I must be over-reacting and I must just carry on is what I would tell myself.

The problem with having that mindset, is the pain then becomes normal. You forget you didn’t always feel like this, and this becomes the new norm.


The day I thought I had a brain tumor....

A week before Christmas in 2013 and my head and eyes were at the worst. In my usual “get on with it” style, Victor and I were doing the Christmas shopping in Watford when we walk past the opticians. I figured maybe it was my eyes, and glasses would fix all my problems. I had been to the opticians before, you’re in there for maybe half hour and off you go with your new glasses.

This was different, so many new tests that I hadn’t done before, lots of people coming to look into the backs of my eyes, people going from room to room, whispering and looking at me. My stomach was in knots, I just knew something was wrong. But in all honesty, I didn’t know back then the things an optician can see just by looking into your eyes.

The optician told me I had severe swelling behind my eyes, which pointed to me having some kind of pressure coming from inside my brain, which in turn was pressing on my optical nerves causing the swelling. His words ‘’this is seen in things like brain tumours, though I am sure this isn’t the case, we need to send you to the emergency eye hospital today’. I learned later, he really did think I had a brain tumor.

Lumbar Puncture

I am thankful for my surgeries....

A trip to the emergency eye hospital and an admittance to my local hospital diagnosed me with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension – a condition where my brain makes too much cerebral spinal fluid, causing swelling of the optical nerves which in turn if not treated can cause blindness.

Since my diagnosis in 2013 I have had countless lumbar punctures, where a needle is inserted into the spinal region and excess fluid is drained to provide some relief, though this is only ever short lived. So, I was given medication to try and decrease the amount of CSF my body was making and / or medication to rid the extra fluid.

Unfortunately, these medications had so many side effects and not many benefits so then came the surgeries.

Now a silver lining of my IIH diagnosis, was that my anxiety was picked up whilst I was in hospital, and I started treatment. But more than that, I began to realise that all those feelings I had felt from my earliest memory were valid.

ICP Monitoring

My first surgery was ICP monitoring, a small bolt is drilled into your skull and attached to an external monitor for a few days to measure the pressure and activity within your brain. Shortly after this, I was given a Lumbar Peritoneal Shunt, its a tubing that drains from your lumbar region into your tummy.

I had this for a year, and then had to have several more ICP surgeries which resulted in me having a VPL (Ventricular Plural Shunt).

VPL Shunt

Whilst all of these surgeries were happening, I had tried many times to go back to some form of work, and every-time I had to leave. I couldn’t manage a full week at work and then came the guilt of letting people down. So, as a family we figured It was better for me to stay home and look after the children.  We had Rhianna and Isabella at this time and both were in school.

So I was finally “on the mend” not fully mended but managed at least. My VPL shunt, drains the fluid from my brain into my lung lining where it disperses. Its not perfect but it does the job. I still get headaches, nausea and dizziness and my memory is shocking. But I am alive and I can see. My anxiety is still here, but I live by what I learnt from being young, and that is to keep busy and keep focused.

Scentsy Starter Kit

Who new self discovery and self worth came from a Scentsy Warmer and Wax......

In 2017 I was in a place where I had become my illness. I loved being home for the children, but I was living in Milton Keynes which meant my family and friends where far away. I didn’t leave the house unless it was for school or shopping, and my only friends where those I had met online through a IIH UK group I had found on Facebook.

It was a blessing and a curse to have found these friends. On one side I had found people who understood what I had been through and my daily struggles, but on the other hand there was no one to lift you up and out of your illness.

It was at this point that I saw  Scentsy all over my Facebook. I was a huge candle fan and new I needed some products, now I am a very impulsive person – it’s my anxiety! So, I could have just bought one warmer, one wax and bought more once I knew I liked it. But I am not that patient ha-ha! I was convinced from what I had saw, that I would love the products and one of each wasn’t going to be enough.

I worked out I was spending at least £65-£75 for a warmer and 6 wax bars, and I realised I was also giving some of that in commission to someone else. I knew if I loved the products, I would want more – so I joined. The kit was only £85 contained 2 warmers, a while wax tester bag and so much more, it was a no brainer. And since I wasn’t working getting commission back on my purchases would come in handy – and I was sure I could sell a few to my mum and sister. I dont have a big family – so that was as big as I was thinking at that time.

I dont want to sell to people and I wont be building a Scentsy Team...

Famous last words…. I lied to myself and to my sponsor. I said I had joined, but I won’t sell very much – just to friends and family and I will not be building a team, definitely not building a team.

As I said this, I was creating a Facebook group and adding in everyone I knew, I was on the phone to my mum and sister raving about the products that quite frankly hadn’t even arrived with me yet. I never knew it back then, but I needed some focus, yes I was still poorly, I had my IIH and my anxiety but throwing myself into learning all about Scentsy gave me focus.

Remember I said my management to my anxiety was to keep busy, I realised it wasn’t just busy, but brain busy. I was busy with my children, but they didn’t mind if I went off to bed because my head hurt. I needed something that I couldn’t give an excuse to self-dwell. And without me even realising – this was Scentsy. I was building a business I was excited about before I had even tried the products.

Scentsy Friendship

Scentsy rekindles lost friendships....

My kit had arrived, and I was super excited and I even went LIVE – only I stayed behind the camera and had Isabella showing and telling. I’ve never wanted my anxiety to become the children’s anxiety so I was so proud of her at age 6 proudly talking on camera and we had so much fun.

An old school friend Vicki has seen my Facebook posts and videos and had recently bought some Scentsy and got in touch. It had been well over 10 years since we had last spoken, and it was so nice to speak to her again. Before I knew it, my excitement for the business and her excitement for the products had me asking her to join.

And THAT is where my passion for team building began. I saw that Vicki also had her insecurities and Scentsy was helping her to overcome them, me sharing my stories with her was inspiring her to be great. It felt so good to use my anxieties and past experiences to do some good and to help others.

Wickfree Worldclass Mentorship...

Scentsy Mentors

When you are not quite ready to believe in yourself, having two amazing mentors to have belief enough for you is indescribable.

Scott and Alexandra have been by my side for 3 years, through the cry’s and the laughter and the highs and the lows.

They have taught me to change my mindset. The words we tell ourselves and others are the seeds that we grow and harvest. We can achieve anything we set our minds too, despite anxiety or neurological conditions.  I now use these to help and inspire other people and that feeling is the best feeling in the whole world.

Positive thinking is the most powerful medicine in the entire world and everyone should practice this until you perfect it.

IIH UK - a charity worthy of donations


My Scentsy business has enable me to share this incredible opportunity to earn an income from home, but also overcome your illness in your head (no pun intended) by giving others with my condition (and other conditions) some control back.

I have helped many people to start their own business working around their health.

I also run regular fundraisers to donate my commission to the charity that work so hard to research developments into our illness. I am forever grateful to IIH UK for their continuous hard-work and support.

I hope my story inspires you to believe in yourself, to start to think positively in everything. Because when you see the good in all situations you become weightless. 

Your positive thinking will shine bright and you will live a happier healthier life.