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Joining Scentsy as an Independent Scentsy Consultant means something different to everyone. People join Scentsy for different reasons, Fun, Friendship, Extra Funds or maybe a new sense of freedom. Most Scentsy Consultants join to simply earn some FREE and HALF PRICE Scentsy Products, and a way to fund their “Scentsy addiction”. After all, we can either pay full price for our Scentsy products or we can get commission back on the orders we place.

Free Products

As a consultant you are able to earn FREE & HALF PRICE products credits when you collect orders and host credits.

New Starter Awards

We love to help you to start selling Scentsy successfully. Our new starter awards incentivise you to grow from day 1. 

Preview Products

Being a Scentsy Consultant is a great way to try certain products prior to release, Scentsy Consultant perks are the best.

Scentsy Starter Kit

An amazing array of Scentsy Products for you to either use at home, or use to promote your new Scentsy business. This kit is hugely discounted by Scentsy to give you the best start.

Scentsy World Tour

Scentsy community is a huge part of becoming a Scentsy Consultant. Once a year Scentsy Home Office staff travel all the way from Idaho, USA and accompany our Regional managers to visit many locations all over the world and provide world class training.

Online Support 24/7

When you join our Global Team of Scentsy Consultants, there is always someone around to help with any questions you may have. We have Scentsy Consultants from all over the world ready to welcome you with open arms.

Sell Scentsy Successfully in 2022

We have simple proven systems to help you sell Scentsy successfully in 2022, and it all starts when you buy your Scentsy starter kit. We show you how you can promote products online and face to face using the Scentsy products in your kit.

How much can I earn selling Scentsy?

This all depends on what you want. Selling Scentsy is not a get rich quick scheme, but it is a way to build a work from home business to fit around your circumstances. To put it simply, you get out of this business what you are willing to put into it. So, if you do a little, you will be paid a little, and if you do alot you will be paid alot.

You are paid 20-30% commission on your own personal sales (this includes any products you wish to order for yourself). You can then increase your commission with team bonuses if you decide to build your own Scentsy team, by simply helping them to do exactly what you do.

When I joined Scentsy, I had no desire to sell or to build a team, but soon after seeing how amazing our products and business model are, I changed my mind. There is no pressure with Scentsy to do anything more than you want to do, some people do very little, some people do as much as possible, and some people are in-between.

I have included below, screenshots of some of pay in my first few years as a Scentsy Consultant. This is simply to show you what is possible. I started Scentsy not wanting to do much, and now I do as much as I can and I enjoy every moment, payday included.

Income Disclosure as results are not typical CLICK HERE 

What are the monthly targets?

When you Join Scentsy you account will remain open for 12 months regardless of whether you place orders or not. If you wish to keep your account open for longer, you will need to place order of 200PRV in one calendar month in your first year.

If you decide to sell Scentsy we encourage and support you to sell the products each month, so that on 10th of each month you will be paid a commission. But with the Scentsy targets being only a once a year order, it really is up to you.

How much is a Scentsy Starter Kit?

Discounted Scentsy Starter Kit
Scentsy Starter Kit

In September we have 2 starter kit options.

Option 1 is our September Special: £27 / €32 / $37AUD / $40NZD / $22USD / $29CAD / $550 MX

Kit content may vary per country.

Classic Curve – Gloss Gray Warmer
Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar
Sample Packette Bundle (Laundry, Body, Clean and Pets)
Autumn/Winter 2022 Fragrance Tester Sample Pack (1 pack of 22)
Quick Start Guide
Autumn/Winter 2022 Catalogues (1 pack of 5)

Option 2 is our regular business kit: £85 / €99 / $150AUD / $169NZD / $99USD / $129CAD / $2480 MX

Kit content may vary per country.

Classic Curve – Gloss Gray Warmer
Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar
Slate Mini Fan Diffuser
Amazon Rain Scentsy Pod Twin Pack
Cloudberry Dreams Counter Clean
Jeweled Pomegranate Hand Cream
Jeweled Pomegranate Hand Soap
Aloe Water & Cucumber Car Bar
Coconut Lemongrass Scented Stickers  (1 pack of 72 stickers)
Luna Scented Stickers (1 pack of 72 stickers)
Eucalyptus Lavender Mint Oil Scented Stickers (1 pack of 72 stickers)
Jasmine White Tea Oil Scented Stickers (1 pack of 72 stickers)
Sample Packette Bundle (Laundry, Body, Clean and Pets)
Classic Curve Felt Samples
Autumn/Winter 2022 Fragrance Tester Set
Quick Start Guide
Consultant Guide
Product Training Guide
Autumn/Winter 2022 Catalogues (1 pack of 25)
Autumn/Winter 2022 Product Lists (1 pad of 50 sheets)
Body Product Category Brochures (1 pack of 25)
Clean Product Category Brochures (1 pack of 25)
Laundry Product Category Brochures (1 pack of 25)
Pets Product Category Brochures (1 pack of 25)
Host/Join Brochures (1 pack of 25)
Order Forms (1 pack of 50)
Invitation Postcards (1 pack of 100)
Thank You Postcards (1 pack of 100)
Merchandise Sacks
Mini Zip Sacks
Starter Kit Exclusive Insulated Tote

Will YOU start your Scentsy Business today?

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