How Do I Start Selling Scentsy?

Becoming an Independent Scentsy Consultant is so much fun. There are so many benefits to joining Scentsy:

  • No minimum monthly orders required. 
  • No pressure, no targets.
  • No ongoing monthly costs.
  • Receive 20-30% commission on your own personal orders.
  • Earn FREE and HALF PRICE credits to spend on Scentsy Products

You also have the option to earn an additional income by sharing our amazing products with others. Could this be something you decide to do? Well, ask yourself these simple questions.

– Do people comment on how great your home smells when you use Scentsy products?
– When you find a product you love, do you tell others about them?
– How would an extra £100 / £300 extra income help you and your family?


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How much is a Scentsy starter kit?

What if you can't afford the starter kit?

With Scentsy UK there is an option for everyone to become an Independent Scentsy Consultant.

You can essentially “start” before you “join”.

Your sponsor will help you to open a facebook group to invite friends and family to, and help you to promote the products.

£245 in orders would earn you a £50 host kit for just £24.50 PLUS a half price item if your choice AND commission on the orders.

£500 in order would earn you a £50 host kit for £0, 2 half price items AND commission on your orders.

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