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Thank you so much for requesting more information on the potential of becoming a Scentsy Consultant. Scentsy is such a fun and friendly business with the opportunity to earn an extra income. This business can be as small or as big as you choose to make it.

So what are the options you have:

Customer Account – With this option, you purchase your starter kit for YOU! Use the products at home and enjoy. Gain commission on orders you place for yourself. Place an order 3 times a year in order to stay an active consultant. Worst case scenario, that doesn’t happen, you simply rejoin for FREE later. No penalties or extra charges!

Friends & Family Account – All of the above, but with the addition of taking occasional friends and family orders with no pressure to SELL. Gain commission on all orders, and even earn some FREE products.

Part Time Consultant – Let us support you with FREE online training, heaps of advice and support on how to SHARE not sell the Scentsy Products and grow a great customer base. Earn commission, earn free products, incentives. Let Scentsy help you to pay of some credit cards, save for a holiday or a new car. With handwork and determination you can achieve.

Wax Boss – Not many people know from the start they want to take this to the TOP! But, some do, and maybe this is you. Maybe it isn’t – but in the future it could be. We have intensive training to coach, guide and support you to allow Scentsy to replace a full time income and more. Be on the TOP 50 holiday incentives, collect all the awards Scentsy throw in your path. Become a SuperStar Director with a global team. Consistency, hard-work, determination and enthusiasm needed.

Maybe you don’t even know where you want this opportunity to take you, I didn’t. I bought my starter kit and thought ”let’s see what happens”. Almost 3 years later, here I am a Scentsy Director with a global team of almost 200 consultants.


  1. Earn 20% commission on all your orders – this can rise to as much as 30% commission.
  2. Earn FREE and HALF PRICE credits with orders you place each month.
  3. Take part in incentives which reward you for your hard-work, ranging from free product kits to holidays and more.
  4. Be part of the BEST team, a team of people who support you to be the best version of yourself.
  5. Personal Development is a side effect of Scentsy, so watch out for all the positivity, inspiration and growth that is about to happen.

It is a legal requirement to show an income disclosure when mentioning rewards, Please click your country to see the relevant Income Disclosure statement. USA, Australia & New Zealand, UK & Europe.


No. once you have you kit you do not have to purchase anything else. You get a FREE website fully managed by Scentsy which will help you to gain so many more customers. From month 4, this will cost £10 / $13AUD / $10USD but you can cancel and opt out of having a website.


We are a global team, so you can join us from the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, USA, Canada and Mexico.

Ready to join? Click your country link and purchase your starter kit. We can support you to team build in these countries worldwide whilst also building your customer base in your own country.

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