**Update: Bancontact is now working to Join Scentsy In Belgium**

Scentsy has officially been open in Belgium for 24 hours, what a fun and sometimes frustrating 24 hours that has been. As with any huge launch, such as a new country launch such as opening the doors to Scentsy in Belgie – we will have teething problems.

Join Scentsy With Bancontact

When you join Scentsy in Belgie, we do offer payment via Bancontact, unfortunately at the moment we are experiencing problems, so we ask if you are a Scentsy Consultant wanting to join in Belgique / Belgie that you opt to pay via card / paypal if possible.

Once you become a Scentsy Consultant in Belgium you will be asked to choose a website. This will be FREE for 3 months, you can choose any name that hasn’t already been taken that does not include the word Scentsy.

You can share this web address with customers, friends and family. If you visit your website, click into COLLECTIONS and then CLEARANCE, we are currently running an amazing sale – what a great start to your new Scentsy business in Belgium.