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Time to pamper your pets with our April Scentsy Woof Box

Let’s spoil your bestie — and by that we mean your best furry friend! A limited-time Woof Box is coming 1st April with products just for them. Inside this box, you’ll find full-size grooming products in a classic fragrance new to Pets, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and a Scentsy tennis ball for your next round of fetch.

The Woof Box includes the following items:

  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Best Bud Suds Pet Shampoo
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Freshen Up Pup Deodorizing Dog Spray
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla No Knot Spot Dog Detangling Spray
  • Honey & Chamomile Best Bud Suds Pet Shampoo packette
  • Scentsy tennis ball

Lets meet some of our Safely Scented Families Furry Friends

Meet Millie – “this is Millie she is 4 yrs old she loves being out doors and playing with her ball, she comes out where ever I go and loves attention. She has two dog beds one down stairs and another on our bed at home. She eats fresh chicken and mixed with a dried biscuits. She loves getting dog treats and hides them all over the house. Millie loves lots of cuddles you have to be at door for postman before her otherwise your post gets chewed. She goes once a week to her grandma and granddads and stays over there. She has such a cheeky face” from Millies Mummy – Allison Mould, Scentsy Consultant

Meet Oscar, “he loves to empty the contents of my kitchen into the back garden, when he has the opportunity to do so, he sure hasn’t been an easy dog lol he’s 9 now” from Oscar’s mummy and Scentsy addict Andrea Tonks

Clover is a 2 week old miniature silver dapple dachshund, and will be arriving in her forever home in May – from Scentsy Consultant, Sarah Hisgrove

Meet Frankie and Willow “They are Labradoodles. They have the same parents but are from different litters, and they are so different in looks and temperament. They love nothing more than dressing up in all sorts of different outfits. My daughter Katy has been dressing them up since they were tiny pups, and they love it because they know that they look so cute, and they get lots of treats. They have outfits for every occasion and loads of bandanas” says Mummy, Scentsy Consultant, Sandra Griffiths

Leave us a comment and let us know who gets your vote for cutest pup!!!

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