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A huge welcome to Vicki’s online shopping party. Here we will guide you to the products Vicki thinks you will love, along with some host special offers picked especially for Vicki’s friends and family.

Vicki is a huge Scentsy lover and a way for me to pay her back for her continued loyalty is to provide her with a personalised Scentsy shopping link so that as her friends and family shop, Vicki will earn FREE and HALF PRICE host rewards to spend and spoil herself.

How does shopping with Vicki work?

Simply visit the link above and have a browse at products you may love, contact me as Vicki’s Scentsy Consultant if you have any questions at all, or if you need help. Just let me know you are part of Vicki’s party. At checkout, simply click “Vicki Ranken” from the list of open parties and Vicki will get credit for your order, and YOU will receive a thank you sample pack after your order has been placed

As we are an open book, below is the host credits Vicki will earn as the party total grows over the course of January. You have all month to shop and share this page with friend and family to help Vicki earn her freebies.


What Scentsy Products does Vicki love the most?

Without a doubt – Washer Whiffs. And who can blame her, our washer whiffs are a tub of absolute freshness! Small dissolvable granules designed to be used in the washing machine to give your laundry a fresh, clean scent.


My washing smells amazing and the scent really lasts
Vicki Ranken
Vicki Ranken
Scentsy Host

Check out our Washer Whiff range here:

Scentsy Bathroom Cleaner

This citric acid-based cleaning spray is specially formulated to easily remove soap scum and grime in your bathroom. 473 mL


• Powerful biodegradable plant-based and safe cleaning agents remove soap scum and grime.
• Beloved Scentsy fragrances make cleaning enjoyable and leave behind long-lasting fragrance.

The bathroom cleaner works amazingly brings the bathroom up in a brilliant shine and again the scent really lasts
Vicki Ranken
Vicki Ranken
Scentsy Host

Scentsy Wax Melts

Only the best thing ever! A Scentsy Bar is a block of fragrant wax in eight break-apart sections. When warmed in a Scentsy Warmer, the wax releases amazing fragrance into the air without flame, smoke or soot.

We use a custom, high-quality paraffin wax blend and fragrance oils, both synthetic and naturally derived, to make the best, longest-lasting bar.

Made in the U.S.A., baby! Scentsy manufactures all wax products at our headquarters in Meridian, Idaho.

Scentsy Bars, and the clamshells they come in, are designed to look like our Classic Curve Warmer — one of the original Scentsy Warmer designs. Plus, it’s just more fun than a square.

Hard work and lots of love! We create unique fragrance formulas for each Scentsy Bar using the scent pyramid. Each Scentsy Bar typically includes 30-60 ingredients to get every fragrance just right!

To keep things fresh. We make changes each season — what’s hot in June might not be popular in December. But whenever a fragrance becomes unavailable, there’s a chance we’ll bring it back with the next catalog.

And when a fragrance just isn’t selling well, we replace it with something new. If you have a favorite scent you can’t imagine living without, order it through Scentsy Club and we’ll keep making it for you as long as it’s in your subscription — whether we discontinue it down the road or not.

A good rule of thumb is to use your bars within a year to ensure a top-notch experience, so rotate older bars to the front of your stash to make sure you use them first.

Extreme variations in temperature can cause the fragrance oils in your bar to separate and bead up on the wax surface, but don’t worry! When warmed, the oils should blend back in just fine.

There are many factors to consider here, like a scent’s ingredients, your preferred fragrance intensity and the environment where you warm your favorite bar. But know this: We design Scentsy Bar fragrances to last, with the utmost quality standards.

Sometimes, you can become immune to a scent by warming it too often — it’s called olfactive fatigue. We offer a ton of options, so avoid this problem by switching out your Scentsy fragrances regularly.

It’s not recommended, because we design our bars to have a low melting point and only use low-watt bulbs or heating elements in our warmers. Who knows what the other guys might be using?

The easiest way is with Cotton Cleanup. All you do is place one pad in the melted wax in your warmer and within seconds, the cotton absorbs the wax — up to four melted Scentsy Bar cubes! In a pinch, regular cotton balls or paper towels also do a good job.

If the wax has cooled and hardened in the dish, turn on your warmer for a few minutes to soften the wax and gently slide it out in one piece.

Because not every fragrance can or should be simulated with natural ingredients

Nope! Scentsy Bars do not contain or release harmful phthalates. A small percentage of Scentsy Bar fragrances contain extremely low levels of non-harmful diethyl phthalate (DEP), commonly used in fragrances to help blend ingredients and make them last longer.

It’s impossible to pick a favourite because I have different ones for different things. Being poorly todays fave is just breathe. If I’m cleaning I love the fresh scents
Vicki Ranken
Vicki Ranken
Scentsy Host

Scentsy Consultant Favorites

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Thank you for looking at Vicki’s party page. If you have any questions, would like help placing an order, or you would like your own Scentsy Party Link, please contact us below and quote Vicki’s name.

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