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Plug In Wax Warmer
Plug In Wax Warmer

Most people these days have a plug in wax warmer rather than a candle. A safer way to fragrance your home, steering away from the danger of a naked flame. With the safely of our family in mind, we all need fragrance that we eliminate unnecessary dangers. I can’t even imagine having Omari around naked flames and candles – he is a liability haha! For those of you who follow us on facebook, you will know what a hyperactive little boy he is, so we really do have to make sure everything in our home is the safer option.

What is a plug in wax warmer?

A plug in wax warmer uses the heat from a small bulb to gently warm the wax melts you have chosen to fragrance your home. You simply choose whether you want a wax warmer wall plug (pictured left) or a wax warmer table top base (pictured right).

Our wax warmer wall plug, will plug directly into your wall plug socket and has no wire, making it perfect for hallways, kitchen surfaces and as a nightlight in bedrooms.

Our wax warmer table tops are more of a decorative warmer. Our shades are so pretty that sometimes we want to have them as a centerpiece. Our table top bases have a wire meaning you can plug these in just like a lamp in any place you like. Perfect for the bedside table or any place you want fragrance and a splash of light.

How do I use a plug in wax warmer?

Using a plug in wax warmer is super simple.

If your using a Scentsy Mini Warmer please follow the tutorial above our the steps below, and feel free to contact us if you have questions.

1. You will have two boxes, box 1 contains your wax warmer wall plug and bulb, box 2 contains your wax warmer shade a plastic washers.

2. Presuming you have a ceramic wax warmer plug and shade (if you have different please contact us for help to assemble) you simply place the thicker washer by stretching it over the two prongs on your wall plug.

3. Use a tissue to hold the globe of the bulb and gently screw the bulb into the wall plug.

4. Next, line up the indents on your ceramic mini warmer shade with the two prongs on the wax warmer plug and firmly twist in around. You may feel like it doesn’t want to twist – this is just to ensure it fits nice and tightly.

5. If you need extra security for the shade, get a small screwdriver and screw the small screw until it feels extra secure (I find I do not need to do this when using the thicker washer).

7. Plug the wax warmer into the wall, place 1-2 cubes of your chosen wax melts into the dish of the shade.

8. Make sure the electric socket is swithed on.

9. Switch the mini warmer on at the front and enjoy your wax melt fragrance.

Note: Always use the on / off button on your mini warmer. If you use the electric socket to turn your wax warmer on and off you may blow the fuse which will in turn make your wall plug unuable.

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