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Chase Rainbows Collection Scentsy Bars

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There’s more to discover than a pot of gold! The Chase Rainbows Wax Collection features five new Scentsy Bars ? each capturing a distinct colour of the rainbow. Your customers can experience the full spectrum of fragrances starting 9 May! Here are the details:

Available starting 9 May, while supplies last

  • Chase Rainbows Bundle, ?30
    • Blue: Sweet notes of?melon?shimmer against a crisp?blue sky?while hints of?musk?add depth and dimension.
    • Green: Vibrant rays of?Granny Smith apples?and?cactus blossom?sparkle across serene?kiwi water.
    • Orange: Bright?tangerine?and?orange slices?shine between clouds of?creamy vanilla.
    • Red: Soft?watermelon?hues highlight the sweetness of?cherry?and?strawberry.
    • Yellow: Radiant?lemonade?brightened by flashes of zesty?grapefruit?and?pineapple.
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