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What have I achieved

since I first joined Scentsy as a Scentsy Consultant in July 2017?

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Scentsy Head Office

Pouring Love into their Scentsy Consultants!

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Recognition comes hand in hand when you start Scentsy and become a Scentsy Consultant

I am very proud of my achievements since I started Scentsy in 2017. Let me share these with you to provide an example of the thing we called “Scentsy Spirit”. The feel good factor when you Join Scentsy.

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My Scentsy Consultant Awards

I am also an early achiever (by 6 months) for 2020/2021 Annual Sales Award and Annual Mentor – meaning I have sold over $30,000 in products and helped over 14 people to gain promotions within their business in the past 6 months.

I am also a consistent Monthly Sales Award and Shooting Star Trainer achiever.

August 2017 – Shooting Star Award – certificate, charm bracelet and access to a discounted Enhancement Kit.

September 2017 – Scentsational Start Level 2 – Certificates, lapel pins, a special consultant only warmer & product credit.

September 2017 – Promoted to Lead Consultant

October 2017 – Promoted to Star Consultant

January 2018 – Earned an all inclusive cruise for one to the Mediterranean.

October 2019 – Promoted to SuperStar Consultant

2019 Incentive – Level 2 Slingshot – FREE products and a Scentsy Consultant Exclusive Warmer

September 2020 – Promoted to Scentsy Director

2020 – All inclusive cruise for 1 from New York to Bermuda.

2020 – Currently level 3 for a holiday to Disney… still in progress

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Let me help you achieve bigger Scentsy rewards when you join Scentsy!

I have recruited almost 130 globally this year I love to help each and everyone of these people to achieve all that they desire. This is anything from a few hundred £/$ a month, to paying of debt, buying a car and replacing a full time income. You do not need to have big goals to become a Scentsy Consultant. Start with an achievable goal and let me help you to achieve it. Imagine being able to spend a little freer at Christmas, or the smiles on the children’s faces when you can take them to Disney World. YOUR Scentsy Journey awaits you. Achieving goals starts with working out WHY you want to become an Independent Scentsy Consultant.

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