Do you remember late in 2022 when we released a Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scentspirations range?


We took a classic favorite Scentsy fragrance and blended this to make three brand NEW limited time only Scentsy fragrances.


Well lucky you, because Scentsy are making this a thing. We know that Scentsy consultants and customers just love to play at “mixology” by blending 2 or more Scentsy fragrances to make a magical new fragrance.


Coming in February we will have a Go Go Mango Scentspiration Collection.

Scentspriations - Go Go Mango

The delicious three scents coming to you in March will be:


Mango Margarita

Mango Shortcake

Mango Wildflower


As consultants we will get early access to this collection on 23rd January, if you would like to try some FREE samples then please get in touch.

A selection of our current Go Go Mango Products

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