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These Scentsy Bars are leaving us, BUT you can SUBSCRIBE to Scentsy Club and get them made just for you, so long as your subscription is active.

Have as many or as few as you want delivered every 1 month, 2 months or 3 months, and cancel your subscription anytime.

First to be leaving us is our Bring Back My Bar Winners.

– Accidently In Love
– Beach Daisy
– Bubblegum Blast
– Coconut Vanilla Orchid
– Dark Harbour
– Give Me Passionflower
– Go Glam
– Lemon Thyme Berry
– Love & Happiness
– Rockin’ Ruby Razz
– Sugar
– Vanillamint

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Also leaving us is our Summer Collection Waxes:

🍈 Blue Agave & Melon Scentsy Bar – A sweet desert oasis lush with blue agave, honeydew melon, and kiwi.
🥥 Coconut Daiquiri Scentsy Bar – A tropical blend of coconut milk, banana, and vanilla cream that’s as refreshing as it is sweet.
🌸 Fiji Flower Scentsy Bar – A vivid lei delicately crafted with pink plumeria and pear blossom wraps around an air of apple.
🍊 Mandarin & Mango Nectar Scentsy Bar -A medley of juicy mandarin, mango nectar, and peach puree blend into an intoxicatingly fruity fusion.

Spend £36 or more and automatically get 10% discount on your order. 

That’s getting 5 Scentsy bars for £32.63 or £36.00 for 5 licensed bars. As there is no bundle & save, you can mix and match as you please.

If the bars you add to your subscription discontinue, Scentsy will make and deliver them just for you, so long as they remain in your subscription.

Spend over RRP £73 and you can choose ANY Scentsy Club item for HALF PRICE.

This includes our monthly Whiff Boxes.

You can add ANY consumable products to your club. We are talking all the Scentsy things that can run out, such as light bulbs, washer whiffs, clean products, scent paks etc.

Do you need help setting up your subscription to Scentsy Club?

Ask us and we will help you to set up your subscription, and take advantage of all the discounts.