How much does a Scentsy Consultant earn?

The easy answer to this, is that not even the sky is the limit. Your paycheque with Scentsy is a direct reflection on the level of hardwork and commitment that you put into your business. Not everyone joins Scentsy to make as much money as possible, infact, many join for the fun and friendships aspect and the want for the money comes much later. However, if you want to make as much money as possible, be willing to put in the work, be willing to stretch your comfort zone and be willing to become coachable – in addition to this, give it time. Time is quite possibly THE most important – as I am sure you have heard before “don’t quit before payday”.

So many people give up today, when tomorrow the seeds you have been planting would be ready to flourish.

Hardwork and time aside – how much will you earn?

Using the calculator below select the rank for which you are being paid for the month.

There is a difference between your rank and your title.

TITLE = The highest title you have reached to date, you last promoted title.

RANK = The requirements you have met. Example: 500PRV, 1000GWV, 1 active frontline is LEAD RANK 

Next, select the peg rate applicable to your country.

Peg Rate in your country:

Australia peg rate is 1.54
Austria peg rate is 1.19
Belgium peg rate is 1.19
Canada peg rate is 1.32
France peg rate is 1.29
Germany peg rate is 1.19
Ireland peg rate is 1.19
Luxembourg peg rate is 1.19
Mexico peg rate is 21.6
New Zealand peg rate is 1.6
Netherlands Peg rate is 1.19
Spain peg rate is 1.19
United Kingdom peg rate is 1.01
USA peg rate is 1

Now visit your workstation and enter the totals for the month under each header and then the commission calculator will calculate the commission you have earned for the month.

This is a calculator made by another consultant so we cannot guarantee its accuracy but we are grateful to use this as a guide to see what our pay may be.

I love to use this to plan ahead for promotions.

When you have a global team the calculator will be less accurate.

What is PRV, PWV, TWV & GWV?

PRV = Product Retail Volume and each product is assigned the same value globally. We are paid on the PRV we sell (multiplied by our peg rate).

As an Escential Consultant you are paid 20% commission.

A Certified and above is paid 25% commission.

And when you reach the monthly sales award and reach 2000PRV or more, for that month you are paid 30% commission.

PWV = Product Wholesale Volume and this is simply 75% of your PRV.

GWV is Group Wholesale Volume and is the combined total PWV of your entire group.

When you support someone in your team to reach Director you will then see TWV will become important, TWV = Team Wholesale Volume. This is the combined PWV of your team.

TEAM = All of those that YOU are their immediate Director

GROUP = Your entire downline

If you wish to find out how much PRV you need to sell to meet your GWV / TWV requirements, divide PRV X 0.75 to get the amount of PRV needed.

The Scentsy Compensation Plan

Scentsy Compensation Plan

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