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Scentsy in Europe.

Scentsy is taking over Europe  You can buy or sell Scentsy in a range of countries, including the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and many more.

You can shop online to purchase Scentsy fragrance products or enroll to sell Scentsy as an Independent Scentsy Consultant.

Scentsy offer a range of amazing safe scented products electric wax warmers, scented wax bars and a range of amazing fragrance systems for the home or on the go.

Our Scentsy oil Diffusers are a world class fragrance system and must be seen to be appreciated, combine with our essential or natural oils for a natural instant fragrance to scent your space.

Visit my Scentsy Europe shop to view the great range of products and fragrances available. 

Simply choose your country flag on the menu, to change your currency.

When will Scentsy Europe open in my country?

Scentsy is always expanding in Europe. Our lastest country to join Scentsy was The Nederlands in October 2019 and what a success it has been. We are always looking for products testers in Europe, so If you would be interested in trying and review some Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Wax Bars in Europe, please get in touch below, or email [email protected]

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