Safely Scented has a Magnificent May just for YOU!

Special Offers on the Scentsy Products you love!

Don’t you just LOVE Scentsy Products?

What do you LOVE the most, is it our Scentsy Wax Bars? Did you know Scentsy wax is made with a higher percentage of fragrance oils? Yup! Thats right… we pack the waxes to the brim with oil to deliver the worlds best fragrance to your homes. 

You may be wondering HOW we are able to pack in so many fragrance oils into our Scentsy Bars – simple! We NEVER burn our wax bars, we simply warm, at a lower temperature than a candle or tea light burner – so we don’t have to worry about the wax being flammable.

Now, I am pretty sure some of you have burned Scentsy Wax Bars before (shudder)! And I bet it didn’t last too long, maybe even smelt a little funny?! Sound familiar? Yup your burning out all the lovely oils that are meant for warming. So my advice, invest in a Scentsy Warmer.


Special Offer on a Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Warmers will give you the best fragrance experience when teamed with our Scentsy Wax Bars.

All of our warmers are electric – we have element plate warmers, light bulb warmers and Mini Warmers. We even have Disney and Marvel themed Scentsy Warmers – pretty incredible huh!?

So what is this Scentsy Special Offer I keep talking about....

Well, I will release this offer on May 1st and if YOU want to know more, even if you are just a little nosey, then join this group and be the first to hear the Incredible news.

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