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To join Scentsy you will go to and change the flag to your country.

The current starter kit for Europe is €99 / £85 / $99USD / $129CAD / $150AUD / $169NZD and the kit content is show below.

As a welcome offer, you will also get a Flaunt Your Feathers Scentsy Warmer completely FREE.

Are you thinking of opening your own Scentsy Account?

Are you interested in starting a new career, or just looking to add some extra income to your monthly budget?

Working from home with Scentsy could be the perfect choice for you! You’ll get paid to sell high-quality scented products like wax bars, warmers, room sprays, and diffusers.

Plus, you’ll enjoy building up friendships with other consultants, as well as making it easy to continue earning an income while you care for your family or pursue other goals – whether it’s finishing your degree or working towards that promotion at work, or simply enjoy bringing up you children and being home to drop and pick up from school.

Working from home as an Independent Scentsy Consultant

You don’t need to quit your day job if you don’t want to.

The beauty of a home-based business is that you get to work in your own time, and there are no office politics or uniforms required.

Working an hour a day is all you need. All it takes is one hour a day and some imagination!

If you find yourself overwhelmed at first, remember that you have nothing to lose.

This can be a fun family activity, and an opportunity for everyone to contribute their ideas and earn some extra money!

Scentsy – What Is It?

With products like electric warmers and wax bars, scents are built around popular and trending themes.

We have partnerships with Disney, that allow us to make items using their franchises. These include Star Wars, Harry Potter and so many more.

How should I prepare?

  1. Create a facebook page and / or a facebook group. If you use the words “Scentsy” in the name, it should be Independent Scentsy Consultant, for example Lisa’s Scents – Independent Scentsy Consultant.

    2. Go LIVE or post a pre recorded video to show people who you are. I know it sounds scary, but people love people, and love to know the face behind the Scentsy page. Tell them just 5 things about you, for example, who you are, where you are from, what you love about Scentsy, when you will be joining and a little about your family.

    3. Each day post a little something about Scentsy – your sponsor will have sent you a link to the NEW Scentsy Catalogue and the product training guide. Read them and get to know the products. If you have questions about anything, ask your sponsor.

    4. Whilst you wait for your kit to arrive, if you have Scentsy at home from previous purchases, show people what you have, and why you love the products.

    5. Speak to people you know personally. Let them know you will be joining Scentsy and invite them to your home, or meet for coffee. Show them the catalogue and share with them what you love about Scentsy. Ask them if they would like to place an order on 1st August.

    6. Consider hosting a Scent Event, where you all come together and you can showcase your pre launch kit, and any products you already have at home that are from Scentsy. You can collect orders today, and payments once you are officially a consultant in August.

    7. Think about any friends / family who may also want to earn some additional income by becoming a Scentsy Consultant and speak with your sponsor if someone says they are interested. Your sponsor can help you to start building interest for people to join YOUR team when you launch in August.

    8. Keep it SIMPLE. Don’t panic about not knowing all the things, knowledge comes in time and with practice.

    9. Allow friends and family to borrow a warmer and a cube of wax for one to two days and then ask they leave you a review and a photo of them using it on your page.

    10. Share your catalogue link, samples if you have any and your love of Scentsy everywhere you go.


Can you really earn back your Scentsy Starter Kit investment? when you Join Scentsy

Let me show you how this is possible using your Scentsy Starter Kit!

When you join Scentsy you invest in your Scentsy Starter Kit, this really is not a lot to start up an incredible business, however, I appreciate when times are hard, it may seem like a risk.

We have an award with Scentsy, called Shooting Star, with my mentorship and the support of our amazing team, we will show you how you can achieve this award just like I did, just like many of the team have done.

But I also want to show you how to make your business sustainable over time. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but if you can commit to investing time and hard work, you can achieve your goal, which may start at a few hundred €£$ a month and grow as you grow!

By earning this award you will be building a strong customer base, great relationships with your customers and will be able to earn back some or all of your investment.

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“I will believe in you enough for us both, until you find the courage to believe your worth.”
– Lisa Garrity – Your Scentsy Mentor

Results may not be typical. For average Consultant earnings, see the Income Disclosure provided by Scentsy.