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Didi you know that no-one ever (well not many) people decided to join Scentsy in order to make as much money as possible. Let’s be realistic, whenever we start anything new, we have so many doubts, that to think something can actually work out would be insane….right!?

The majority of people who join Scentsy click on the Scentsy starter kit for the following reasons:

– The kit is such amazing value they cant miss out! They buy that incredible Scentsy starter kit so that they have every scent tester in the catalogue & all those amazing products at one heck of a reduced rate.

– They want a discount! Every time you make a purchase you are paying towards the commission to your Scentsy Consultant (who appreciates it so much). But, in this day in age where every penny counts, why not put that commission in YOUR pocket. When you buy your Scentsy starter kit & join Scentsy, you then get commission on everything you buy.

– FREE products. As well as earning commission you get access to FREE product credits when you join Scentsy. Its just WIN WIN all the way.

Scentsy Starter Kit

FREE Deluxe Diffuser & Oil

When you Join Scentsy in October 2022

When you make the decison to join Scentsy in October, you will receive a FREE Scentsy Diffuser & Scentsy Oil worth over £90.

The Scentsy Starter Kit costs ONLY £85 (plus £6 shipping) so the value you will receive in products is way over £400. Whether you decide to use this kit purely for your own enjoyment or if you decide to share the products with others and earn an additional income, there is no better time than today.

With the Christmas shopping rush coming very soon, you can be the one to provide world class gifts and Disney products to friends & family, making it easy for them to shop from home, and earning yourself and your family a nice extra pay cheque or 2 before Christmas.

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