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Many people think about becoming a Scentsy UK Consultant but never actually do. The fear of the unknown, or even the fear of failing stops them from joining Scentsy UK. With this in mind, and the fact that in September 2022 you can join Scentsy UK for only £22 I thought I would give you an insight into my journey – a day in the life of a Scentsy UK Consultant.

You would maybe think that to Join Scentsy UK you would need to know about the products – wrong! I didn’t, infact my first ever Scentsy UK purchase was my Scentsy UK Starter Kit. I literally had no idea what I was doing, I had no future plans for Scentsy – I just bought the Scentsy Starter Kit as it was a great deal.

Why did I join Scentsy?

I will start by saying, I didn’t join Scentsy to build a business, nor to make an extra income – that came much later. In July 2017 when I joined Scentsy UK, I had seen the products, plus many people joining Scentsy themselves. It peaked my interest enough to have a look into it. At the time I was a stay at home mum with two children of school age, and I has also recently been diagnosed with a neurological condition and undergone brain surgery, for this reason I was unable to work. 

If you can imagine a very bored, slightly depressed mummy – that was me! Throw in social anxiety and living in a brand new area and you have a picture of what my life was like. Don’t get me wrong, I was loved and had a wonderful family – but there was certainly something missing. The one thing I am grateful for, is the fact I spent much of my time on social media – as that is where I found Scentsy.

My new home was round the corner from a huge home store (not sure I can mention the name on my blog haha)! Every single weekend I would go and buy more candles. To think of the dangers I put myself and my family in with candles scares me to death – I was so lucky! I had candles in every room, and unbelievably I would leave them burning, unattended so that each room in the house would smell great. I was naive for sure.

When I seen many people with Scentsy products I knew I had to have a Scentsy warmer and some Scentsy wax bars. Now, for those who know me, know that when I do something, I do it FULL ON! So I knew one warmer and wax was never going to be enough. It was THAT that attracted me to the Scentsy UK Starter Kit. For £85 I could get 2 Scentsy Warmers, a few Scentsy Wax Bars plus various other items. I was also getting that huge bag of Scentsy Wax tester post – WOW! It was basically going to cost me LESS, to buy the Scentsy Starter Kit then it was to buy a dew warmers and wax bars – so I found myself a Scentsy UK Consultant and I signed up.

Discounted Scentsy Starter Kit

Scentsy UK Starter Kit

Now, I thought I was getting a great deal buying my Scentsy starter kit for £85, thats nothing in comparison to the offer we have to join Scentsy in September.

For £22 plus £6 shipping, so a total of £28 you can Join Scentsy.

In this discounted Scentsy UK Starter Kit, the warmer alone is worth £36 and you get a Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar worth £7.25, plus all the extras as shown. Your SAVING over £21.50

What do I do with my Scentsy Starter Kit?

So, my starter kit arrived. I told my Scentsy sponsor that I wouldn’t be selling the products and I would never build a team – I just didn’t have the confidence. However, being a very bored stay at home mum, having little to no money and then being so super excited when my starter kit arrived – I found myself opening a facebook group to share these incredible Scentsy products. I was so excited that I just wanted others to see what I was seeing (And of course what I was smelling). It started with me selling a warmer and wax to my mum and my sister, simply by picking up the phone telling them what I had got, and then showing them a video.

Next, my online friends where interested, because I was sharing photos and also videos of the Scentsy starter kit I had received. I am not talking LIVE videos, I didn’t have the confidence for that – I actually had my then 5 year old daughter Isabella show the products and I filmed her. It was so much fun, everyone found it super cute and it built Isabella’s confidence too.

I slowly began to realise I could make some extra income, I could have fun and most of all, which was so important at the time, my mental health was massively improving.

I can't sell Scentsy!

Good! Because you don’t have too. Like I said, I didn’t join to sell, but I loved the products so much I shared what I loved, and others decided for themselves they were interested. Whenever we buy something we love, one of the first things we do is tell and show everyone and thats exactly what you do with Scentsy and is exactly what your Scentsy UK Starter Kit is for. My Scentsy journey started with me being a bored, poorly, depressed stay at home mum. My journey now is a super happy, confident business women with a family business.

Your journey may be different, it may be similar – but whatever happens its YOUR journey, YOUR way! Many people buy a Scentsy starter kit with no idea what they will do next. Whether you join Scentsy simply to earn commission on your own orders or something more, we welcome you with open arms.

If you have questions about joining Scentsy please message us.

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