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Scentsy Groot Warmer Review 2022

New and returning Marvel products are available starting 13 June, while supplies last

What: Groot – Scentsy Warmer and returning Marvel products

When: Starting between 7pm Monday, 13 June


Cost: See purchasing options below.

We are Groot! Our new Groot – Scentsy Warmer is a charming collector’s item that showcases the powerful tree creature’s kind, sweet nature.

The Groot – Scentsy Warmer highlights a collection with returning Marvel products. And of course, these powerful Super Heroes are paired with our exclusive Marvel: Nine Realms fragrance, already available in the catalogue as a Scentsy Bar.

And let you can get some free and discounted products in our bundles.

  • Groot – Scentsy Warmer + 3 free Marvel: Nine Realms – Scentsy Bars, £73
  • Thor’s Hammer – Scentsy Warmer + free Rocket – Scentsy Buddy Clip, £55/
  • Groot – Scentsy Buddy + Marvel: Nine Realms – Scent Pak + free Rocket – Scentsy Buddy Clip, £42
  • Rocket – Scentsy Buddy Clip scented in Marvel: Nine Realms, £24
  • Marvel: Nine Realms – Scent Pak, £9.25

Groot – Scentsy Buddy + free Rocket – Scentsy Buddy Clip

Groot − Scentsy Warmer + 3 free Marvel: Nine Realms – Scentsy Bars

Marvel – Scentsy Warmer

Marvel Nine Realms: Groot - Scentsy Scent Pak

Marvel: Nine Realms - Scentsy Bar

Marvel: Nine Realms – Scentsy Pod Twin Pack

Marvel’s Spider-Man — Scentsy Buddy

Rocket – Scentsy Buddy Clip + Marvel: Nine Realms Fragrance

Spider-Man – Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser

Thor’s Hammer – Scentsy Warmer + free Rocket – Scentsy Buddy Clip

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