Scentsy Bricks are coming in October 2022 - in 5 Holiday Fragrances

Can you believe Scentsy Bricks are finally coming to the UK & Europe.

This weekend we attended a 3-day leadership and our annual SFR (Scentsy Family Reunion). When they announced we would be putting Scentsy Bricks for sale for our UK & Europe customers, believe me, we cheered for you all.

How big are the Scentsy UK Wax Bricks?

The Scentsy Bricks are 500ml / 424g so are over five times larger than our standard Scentsy Wax Bars. In the US its cheaper to purchase a Scentsy Brick, over our 6 pack of wax bars.

How many cubes does the Scentsy UK Wax Brick have?

The Scentsy Bricks have 12 cubes. ONE Scentsy Brick cube is the equivalent of 4 standard Scentsy Bars.

How many hours of fragrance can you get from a Scentsy Brick?

You will get a minimum of 400 hours Scentsy fragrance, dependent on your scent preference.

How Much are Scentsy UK Bricks?

Watch this space, in the US it’s cheaper to buy a Scensty Brick over buying a 6 pack of Scentsy Bars WOW! You can even host a Scent Event and earn FREE and HALF PRICE credits to pay for your Scentsy Bricks.

What scents are coming in Scentsy Bricks?

Iccles & Evergreen Scentsy Brick

Cool blue eucalyptus and pine needle iced with crystalized sugar.

Marasehino Sugar Cookie Scentsy Brick

Maraschino Cherry, Vanilla, Sugar Cookie Dough

Winters Eve Scentsy Brick

Frosted Petals Scentsy Brick

Caramel Chestnut Scentsy Brick

Scentsy UK Brick
Scentsy UK Brick
Scentsy UK Brick

Scentsy UK Brick Product Review 2022 coming very soon!