Scentsy UK Warmers - Spring Summer Catalogue 2021

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With more than 60 warmer designs and 80 wax fragrances, we offer scent solutions for nearly every area in your home (or your home away from home).

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We introduce new, on-trend warmer designs every season so you can refresh your décor, or find that special piece that perfectly captures your personality.

Décor solutions for every space

From kitchens and laundry rooms to bedrooms and bathrooms, we have a warmer that will fit right in! Element warmers melt wax without illumination for a more understated look, while mini warmers plug straight into the wall to help keep smaller spaces clear.

Why Scentsy

Our Home and Scent products feature premium materials, quality ingredients and enough variety to suit every home décor and fragrance taste. We pride ourselves on offering beautiful scent products that will enhance your home, and aback each one with a range of warranties so our customers can purchase with confidence.

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