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Wickless Candles – We are proud of our electric candle warmers and scented wax bars and natural oils because we don’t use wicks or flames; meaning no heat so it’s safer to use around your home, pets, and little ones, whilst also reducing the risk of fire hazard.
Fragranced Scentsy Wax – Scented wax melts are great for filling any space with fragrance all year round – they release a really enticing aroma when gently warmed in your Scentsy Warmer.
Scentsy Bars – With our long-lasting fragrance wax bars there is no need to continuously buy candles as our bars last so much longer! You can simply use 1 – 4 cubes of your favorite Scentsy Bar whenever you feel like changing up your scent and your space will smell amazing every day.

How many Scentsy cubes do I use in my Scentsy Warmer?

Did you now each Scentsy UK Warmer has a number on the underside of your Scentsy warmer dish?

This number indicates the perfect number of Scentsy cubes to warm for optimal fragrance. Saying this, there really is no right or wrong as answer as fragrance is such an individual experience.

A scent that may seem strong to me, may be subtle to you. My advice is always start small, placing one Scentsy wax cube in your warmer and adding more if you want a stronger, more consistent smell.

We have over 80 fragrances to choose from, in our Scentsy UK Catalogue, and many more as part of our Scentsy Collections and Limited TIme Offerings such as Scentsy Disney and Scentsy Marvel Wax Bars and Scentsy Warmers.

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