Scentsy was founded in 2003 by Kara Egan and her sister-in-law Collette Gunell in Salt Lake City, Utah.

At a small business event in 2004, they met Orville Thompson, and a few months later, he and his wife Heidi Thompson purchased the company. The Thompsons moved the headquarters to Meridian, Idaho and on July 1, 2004, they re-launched Scentsy using a multi-level marketing distribution model allowing over a million consultants to date to start their very own work from home business. Giving everyone despite their work experience, education, or funds, to set up a business around family commitments. 

As a forever growing company, Scentsy expanded to Canada in 2009, United Kingdom & Europe in 2012, Mexico and Australia in 2013, New Zealand in 2015, and the most recent and successful launch in the Netherlands in 2019.

The Scentsy Compensation Plan

When you start your own Network Marketing Business, you want a compensation plan that is easy to understand and simple to reach.

Our Scentsy compensation plan is consistent and has remained unchanged since the day it was launched.

Why is it important to have a consistent compensation plan?

When you start your own Scentsy business you want to make a plan to reach your goals. Having a pay structure which is consistent means you can plan ahead with help from your Scentsy sponsor to achieve those goals.

When you first start your Scentsy business you will start as an:

Escential Consultant

Whilst at the first level as an Escential Consultant you are paid 20% commission on all sales volume. Your first goal at this level is to sell 1000 in sales volume so you can earn a 5% pay-rise and reach your first promotion.

But do not worry, we have so much training to help you achieve this, and a great support network in our facebook team group.

Your first promotion will be to Certified Consultant

We will celebrate BIG when you achieve your first Scentsy Promotion. You will have sold 1000 sales volume, gained lots of new friends and customers and be building a strong foundation within your new Scentsy business.

At this point you are being paid 25% on all you sell, and will be sharing this amazing opportunity with your customers and others who you meet. Being able to bless peoples lives with an opportunity to make new friends, become more financially free and work a flexible schedule is something to shout about.

When you begin to share this opportunity with others, it’s always to help THEM. So, if you want to help others start asking questions to see if starting a Scentsy Business would be beneficial to them.

To reach your next promotion you will need to build a team. If you decide not to build a team, that is also ok. 

We do have a bonus which all sellers can reach called:

The Scentsy Monthly Sales Award

Sharing Scentsy products with others is exciting and fun. As a Scentsy Consultant we never SELL and we always SHARE.

We want to reward those who share the products and introduce fragrance into peoples lives. So, for those who are exceptional at sharing we have The Scentsy Monthly Sales Award, for every month a Scentsy Consultant reaches 2000 in sales volume, that consultant is paid 30% commission, how great is that. Thats not all, you also receive a certificate and charm (or lapel pin, dependent on your preference). I cannot wait for you to join me in reaching this award each month.

Scentsy Monthly Sales Award
Your following promotions will be to Lead Consultant, Star Consultant and Superstar Consultant.

The thing I love about the Scentsy Compensation plan is you must lead by example. You need to continue to share the products and reach 500 sales volume in order to receive your Team Bonus. Being a leader should be about generosity- leading by example and sharing your knowledge with your team, and for this you are blessed with a compensation plan that continues to pay a generous pay structure for your efforts.

If you want to take your Scentsy Business to the very top, we will support you and your team to reach Director, Star Director and Superstar Director.
Scentsy UK Values
Scentsy UK Compensation Plan