If you are reading this, then you are likely thinking should I join Scentsy UK? And of course, my answer is going to be yes, but let me explain why joining Scentsy is going to be the best decision of your life.

Becoming an Independent Scentsy Consultant can be a scary thought, most people first question, ”Can I afford the Scentsy starter kit?”. The question really is can you afford not to take this wonderful opportunity to join Scentsy.

Join Scentsy so you can work around childcare

If you are looking for a job you can work from home, around childcare and something that can be fun and flexible then joining Scentsy is the key. I imagine you are looking to make an additional income to pay of debt, take extra holidays or just not have to struggle at the end of each month.

THAT is the reason you cant afford NOT to purchase that amazing Scentsy starter kit.

How much does it cost to join Scentsy UK?

So let’s break it down, if you decided right now, I want to Join Scentsy, what would be the first step? How much is it going to cost me to start my own business and become an Independent Scentsy Consultant?

To Join Scentsy UK it’s going to cost you ?85, the equivalent dependant on your family size of 2-4 takeaways. If you could look into the future, and you could see that by ditching the takeaways for a month, joining Scentsy, and giving it a few years – you could be living the life you have always dreamt of – would you hesitate?

Now, I am not selling a get rich quick scheme – absolutely not! Scentsy is a simple business but no-one ever said easy. But what in life comes easy – nothing worth fighting for.

So why is selling Scentsy simple but not easy?

It takes time to reach the big dreams – like joining Scentsy so you can be debt free, joining Scentsy so you can quit your job. Sometimes we are in such a rush that we don’t want to give it time. And that is why we have to share the income disclosure (click here). Because people join and then give up before they can earn an income.

So many people join Scentsy UK but quit when it doesn’t happen quick enough, or quit when their friends and family dont support their new Scentsy business.

When you join Scentsy, you will be joining with an Annual Mentor and Annual Sales 2021 achiever, and Top Sponsor in our global group of over 36,000 Independent Scentsy Consultants.

This means you will get the best online Scentsy training, joining the most supportive Scentsy team ever.

What do I get in my Scentsy UK Starter Kit

Scentsy UK Starter Kit

Kit contents may vary. From Jan. 1-31, new Consultant Starter Kits will only include spring/summer materials.

Classic Curve – Gloss Gray Warmer
Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar
Mint Mini Fan Diffuser
Amazon Rain Scentsy Pod Twinpack
Clover the Cow Buddy Clip
Lemon Squeeze Counter Clean
Aloe Water & Cucumber Hand Soap
Luna Scent Circle
Sample Packette Bundle (Laundry, Body, Clean and Pets)
Classic Curve Felt Samples
Spring/Summer 2021 Fragrance Tester Set
Consultant Guide
Quick Start Guide
Product Training Guide
Spring/Summer 2021 Catalogues (1 pack of 25)
Spring/Summer 2021 Product Lists (1 pad of 50 sheets)
Clean Product Category Brochures (1 pack of 25)
Fragrance Systems Brochures (1 pack of 25)
Laundry Product Category Brochures (1 pack of 25)
Pets Product Category Brochures (1 pack of 25)
Body Product Category Brochures (1 pack of 25)
Host/Join Brochures (1 pack of 25)
Order Forms (1 pack of 50)
Invitation Postcards (1 pack of 100)
Thank You Postcards (1 pack of 100)
Merchandise Sacks
Mini Zip Sacks
Starter Kit Exclusive Insulated Tote