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Lisa Garrity

Meet The Safely Scented Family – we would be delighted to become your Scentsy sponsors if you decide to Join Scentsy. But first let’s tell you a little bit about us.

Our Mission

Ou mission is to bring value to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul. As global sponsors we commit to providing excellence in mentorship to our whole team.

Who is Lisa?

I am the one you will see and hear the most on social media or at events. It was me who decided to sign up to Scentsy in 2017 and my family gradually began to get involved when they could see the potential Scentsy had, and how much Scentsy was helping me to build confidence in myself.

I suffer with severe anxiety, so it’s really easy for me to hide away from the world and be in my little family bubble, but for all who may suffer similar that little bubble although content can be a little lonely.

When I decided to join Scentsy, it wasn’t because I was looking to build a business, it wasn’t even to earn an additional income. The reason I joined initially was quite honestly through boredom, and the fact the Scentsy starter kit was a really good deal. 

I had been diagnosed a few years prior to be joining Scentsy in July 2017 with a rare Neurological condition and so I had given up work due to the daily pain and symptoms being too much. 

Scentsy Starter Kit

I had began to see Scentsy being sold or bought on social media, and as a lover of candles at the time, I had to try the products for myself. I knew before trying them that I would love them, and so therefore new I would want a few Scentsy warmers for different rooms.

When I worked out how much I was going to spend, it was a better deal to buy the Scentsy Starter Kit – and I knew I would at least earn some commission back on the orders I placed for myself.

I have to laugh looking back, as even tho I was adamant that I was not going to sell Scentsy, the first thing I did was phone my mum and sister and had them promise to buy a Scentsy Warmer and wax melt. But to be honest, all I did was show them how excited I was about the products, explained how much safer compared to a traditional candle they were and they was as excited as me to try them.

I then found myself opening a small facebook group that I called my VIP group and before I knew it, all my friends and family had joined my group and was asking questions about the products. It was as easy as simply sharing what I loved about the products and letting them decide if they wanted to buy Scentsy from me. Many did, and some didn’t.

To start selling Scentsy in 2023, you simply need to find a Scentsy Consultant who you wish to sponsor you. Once you have asked and had all your questions about selling Scentsy answered, you go to your sponsors personal website and click join. You will choose your Scentsy starter kit, make your payment and then you will receive an email from Scentsy Headquarters to confirm you are officially a Scentsy Consultant.

This email will contain your consultant ID which you can use to log into your back office at 

You can find a complete list of Scentsy Starter Kits here.

As standard we offer a Scentsy Starter Kit for £85 and a Scentsy Host Kit for £50. (see link for other country costs).

You can also earn a Scentsy Starter Kit by collecting orders via a party or online shopping link.

Contact us here 

When you initially Join Scentsy, we strongly suggest opting in to your Scentsy website for £15 a month. 

For your first three months it is FREE – and if you decide you no longer need your website after the initial three months you can cancel it before it becomes chargeable and you will still be an Independent Scentsy Consultant.

In addition to your website you have FREE access 24/7 to your Scentsy Workstation – you can place orders for customers here. 

The requirements to remain a Scentsy Consultant us to sell approx. £245 one month in every 12 months to keep your account open.

Scentsy is an effort based business. You are paid commission on the products you sell. If you are consistently sharing the products via social media, parties, events and such, you will earn more than if you do not share the products at all.

We have shared some of our income here.

Scentsy is a party plan business, you can choose to host those parties online or in person.

You can also do online marketing to promote your business.

Pyramid Schemes are illegal and I can promise you that Scentsy is not a pyramid scheme or illegal in any way.

Scentsy is a fun and friendly way to work a home business around your current commitments.

Scentsy consultants earn commission on all orders placed, whether that be for themselves or customers. 

We can also earn FREE & HALF PRICE credits by bulking orders in parties.

When you join Scentsy you will have access to 24/7 training on your Scentsy workstation.

We also have a You Tube channel that you can subscribe to here.


In addition to these we have a facebook team group, fortnightly zoom meetings and one to one coaching calls for those who want it.

When you decide to join scentsy you are never alone.

No, many Scentsy Consultants join Scentsy just for the products. However you will always have to option to grow your team with full support if you decide to.

There is never any pressure to build a team in Scentsy.

CLICK HERE to learn how to sell Scentsy successfully in 2023.

Contact us for help to reinstate your account.

You can also see how to rejoin Scentsy for free here

When you collect Scentsy customer orders they can pay via paypal or credit / debit card on your website.

Alternatively, they can pay you for the orders and you can pay via the same methods.

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