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Southport Pier
Southport Pier

Southport Pier Pavillion if you live in the North West has got to be a place you have visited multiple times. As a kid, it was the place that we would all cheer when mum said “Let’s go to Southport”. It actually became a running joke, that when she would “should we go…..” we would know what was coming hahah!!!

Then when our children were born, it came naturally to take them too. Jumping on the road train down to the bottom of the pier and visiting the old penny arcades, having an ice cream is just a really comforting memory. Unfortunately, the pier has been closed for some time now – we would LOVE to help even if its a drop in the ocean in comparison to what is needed. 

Shop our Southport Pier Fundraiser

We can use our Scentsy business to help raise funds by donating our commission for all sales on our fundraising link, so think birthdays, treats anything at all, and let’s see what we can raise.

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