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This may help you to decide if you should Join Scentsy as a consultant today.

1. Scentsy has helped my mental health in so many ways, the positive and supportive nature of all our Scentsy family boosts your confidence and self belief in ways you never thought possible.

2. Being able to help other people to build a business is so rewarding. You see people grow bigger, better and more beautiful than they ever believed they could. Seeing others progress and achieve is simply amazing.

3. Being at home for my family is so important to me. I have been able to see every single milestone our youngest child has achieved, I am able to attend school events with our middle child and just be around anytime, any place for our eldest. Family is the most important part of our lives, and Scentsy have been able to provide us with great family products our whole family can enjoy using and sharing with others.

4. Due to a rare neurological condition, I had to stop working a ”normal” job back in 2013, so when I joined Scentsy in 2017 I never thought making money from home was possible. I was wrong – with hardwork and being coachable, anything is possible.

5. Travelling – with me being out of work for so long, and having 3 children, travelling was never something we have been able to do. With Scentsy we now have an extra income and also have incentives to earn trips around the world. Scentsy has made travelling possible.

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