Are your thinking of starting your own Scentsy Business this May?

Growing up I never really new what I wanted to be when I was older. When I became older no job made me happy or satisfied. The money was never enough for the feelings of inadequacy I felt, the anxiety a job surrounded by people would give me, or the stress I would feel each day I had to go to work.

I job hopped ALOT, which did nothing for my finances and stability. Then when I became ill with my neurological condition in 2013 and found myself unable to work for an employer, in a sense it gave me time to find myself.

My TOP 10 reasons for working my Scentsy Business 4 years later!

  1. Personal Development – Who knew that selling wax and warmers could build self confidence, self love and improve your mental health beyond what help medical professionals have been able to do in the past? The support system with Scentsy is exceptional, you simply have to accept the help and mentorship and watch yourself blossom.

  2.  A business that is MINE – Whilst hopping from one job to another, or having to give up work entirely when I became ill, I would dream about working for myself and being home for my children. Never did I believe that dream would come true. Even when I joined Scentsy in 2017, I never envisioned the successful business I have today. The day you decide to join Scentsy, may not be the day you decide to build a business. For some, that comes later, and for others they sell Scentsy for fun, friendships and freebies.

  3. Friendships – Being a sufferer of extreme social anxiety, I dont always want friends, but I need friends. Lucky for me, with Scentsy friendships come part and parcel. Whether it is fellow consultants or customers, friendships come in abundance and loneliness is no more. Scentsy will fill your heart with friendships for life.

  4.  Family – We have 3 children, Omari 2, Isabella 10 and Rhianna 20. Working from home means I can be around for the little ones, attend school activities and be home for them when they are poorly. I dont have to pay for after school clubs, I am here at home, working around them.

  5. Finances – Being poorly and out of work for so long, I became so financially dependent on my hubby. Did he mind -NO! Did I mind – YES! We all LOVE our own independence and being able to pay for things big or small with my Scentsy Pay makes me feel great.

  6. Holidays – Scentsy have one of the most generous compensation plans around (The pay), but on top of that they give us holiday incentives to earn, that are achievable for anyone. I didn’t always think that. When I joined back in July 2017, and incentive had just started. For 2/3 months I didn’t even try and earn it – no-one actually earned these things is what I told myself. But one day I checked how I was doing, and couldn’t believe my eyes, I was so close! So I got to work and in my first 6 months of being a Scentsy Consultant I earned an all inclusive Mediterranean Cruise. I was so happy, and earning that in my first 6 months, means I know anyone can do it! That means YOU!

  7. Freebies – As a Scentsy customer, you pay your consultant for your products, well how about paying yourself? As a consultant you can earn commission on all your orders AND FREE and HALF PRICE credits AND Scentsy run another incentive once a year where you can earn NEW season warmers and scents! Absolutely incredible!

  8. Mental Health – I know I mentioned this above BUT it is a BIGGIE!! I have focus, drive, enthusiasm and passion! Every aspect of this business, and every person who touches your life through Scentsy has an impact on your mental health in a positive way.

  9. Flexibility – Being poorly with a neurological condition means I cant always work, sometimes I just need to sleep or rest. Having NO BOSS means its working when I want, where I want. 

  10. Happiness – It is what we call Scentsy Spirit. I get to GIVE freely to all my customers and all the consultants who joined our team. I get to share with them my ups and my downs to help them to live a life of freedom.
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