How Much Is My Scentsy Starter Kit When I Join As A Scentsy Consultant?

Starter Scentsy Kit – Items may vary per country

Region 1

USA / Canada and Mexico $99USD /$129CAD / $2480MXN
Region 2

UK & Europe £85 / 99 euros
Region 3

Australia & New Zealand $150 AUD / $169 NZ

How Much Is My Scentsy Starter Kit When I Join As A Scentsy Consultant?

The most commonly used phrase is “I can’t afford it”. I would ask you to keep an open mind, and ask yourself, can you afford not to take a chance on changing your future?

You are enquiring about starting your own Scentsy Business because you want to earn some extra money – what is that for? How would it make you feel to be able to afford more luxuries? or even to have a little left over after you have paid the bills?

Think about the long term of starting a business for yourself, the sense of achievement and the long term financial benefits you can achieve. Then ask are you willing to invest in a starter kit.

For me, the smiles on my children’s faces at Christmas time, the enjoyment when we have been able to spend freely on vacation, my own ”weightless-ness” at being debt free – THAT has been worth my Scentsy Kit Investment and more.

Watch this video and then decide...

Can you afford NOT to sign up as a consultant, rather than can you afford the kit?

What If I could show you how to earn your initial investment back?

My first full months Scentsy Commission Pay.

(See income disclosure click here)

"You can earn your initial kit investment back in your first month – if you are coachable and take part in our online training programme."

Make a list of who you can introduce your business too. Watch our social media training to help you promote products online. And allow me to fully support you in your first 70 days to get the best start to your business. Below is my first full months commission, where you can see I earned more than my investment back.

Do I have to build a Scentsy team?

No, you do not have to build a team, but when you see what this business can do for you personally, mentally and financially you will likely want to share this opportunity with everyone. I have shown an example of what income you can achieve when you work your business and build you team. Whatever your choice we will support you every step of the way.

Anything is achievable when you put your mind to to and work consistently.

Click here for the Income Disclosure.

“Stop overestimating the challenge, and underestimating yourself.”

Mary Christensen